The Ti metal membrane has the unique ability to tackle high solids in just one single step without using multiple process options. The Ti membrane is unbreakable allowing incredible high solids loading while allowing a massive range of filter pore size options at the same time. These unique properties allow the 100% pure titanium to filter a never seen before range of feed material with outstanding results.

The secret to dealing with the world’s most difficult feed material is rather simple – unlike traditional chemical / plastic filtration media the titanium metal membrane does not foul in the usual fashion, therefore allowing easy cleaning, compared to anything else currently available. Other cleaning advantages are the extensive range of chemicals at various pH & strengths that the Ti membrane tolerates as well as the option of using steam.

The titanium metal membrane has been in development for over fourteen years with the last seven years devoted to research and testing, this includes extensive research around piloting and systems development to work alongside this remarkable filter.

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The metallic microfiltration membrane offers a new level of performance, corrosion resistance, and durability in crossflow membrane micro-filtration and ultra-filtration pore sizes. The membrane is suitable for high solids, high pressure, high temperature, high and low pH and offers increased resistance to corrosion and oxidization in aggressive substances. The membrane is extremely resistant to thermal and pressure shock and can be repeatedly cleaned, using caustic and acid, solvents or steam, to return it back to day-one performance.

Using a unique, patented process, AMS manufactured the DuraSter© range of tubular metallic microfiltration/ultrafiltration membrane from 3-30mm diameter in lengths up to 1600 mm with no welds. No other metallic membrane manufacturer in the world can match this. The membranes are modularized using a high impact- and temperature-resistant composite resin compatible with chemical and steam cleaning. Resin options include certified food grade and compatibility with client-specific products and processes. The resulting DuraSter© metallic membrane module is thus virtually “bulletproof” – no weak points for corrosion to begin, capable of operating at pressures up to 10 bar and temperatures of 200 °C at a pH in the range of 0 to 14.