Recent Projects with our Titanium Metal Membrane

We are involved in a number of projects at the moment using the AMS pure titanium metal membrane:

Pilot Study - Meat Rendering

Metal Membranes

Wine Filtration Membrane System

View Our Wine Filtration Membrane System USA

AMS Filtration Trial on Algae

AMS Filtration trial on Algae

See our amazing Ti membrane in operation below:

Pilot Trials with Abattoir waste:

92.0% reduction of BOD
99.9% reduction of TSS
83.3% reduction of TOC
61.3% reduction of Total N
29.7% reduction of Total P
99.3% reduction of E-coli
No fouling No chemicals/polymers added
Recovery after cleaning to 100% of our baseline flux

A Pilot Trial at a Crisp Factory

On-site piloting and cooking oils wash down and starch wash water recovery in New Zealand (Crisp factory)

Watch our Ti Membrane filtering pig waste below:

Water Removal from Full cream with the Ti Metal membrane: